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New Release - DUST 4' x 6' DESERT GAMING MAT
New Release - DUST 4' x 6' DESERT GAMING MAT
Posted in September 4th, 2016
Welcome to the deep desert: with Dust Studio's new 4 x 6 feet (1,2 x 1,8m) Desert Gaming Mat, you are in for epic battles! Whether you are fighting in the sands of Babylon or during the Kondor campaign, this gorgeous mat will be the perfect board for thousands of battles - yes, it's that durable. In an instant you will have a perfect desert gaming environment, just throw in some of our great scenery and you will play the most exciting battles ever!

Dust 1947 Gaming Mats are made of beautiful and durable neoprene, perfectly suited for tabletop miniatures games. They are water resistant and - thanks to their neoprene back - will not slide. The mats stay completely flat and will go back in shape in seconds, even after a long storage rolled in their dedicated nylon bag. The bag itself is very convenient with its two handles and a long strap; it is Dust 1947 branded and even has a velcro to attach one of our cool patches and show support for your favorite Faction!